A small business owner’s guide to time sheet tracking apps

ben-kolde-367197.jpgTracking your employees time sheets with apps is a great way to keep track of when your workers clock in and out. However, there are many other pieces of important information that the time sheet tracking provides you with as a small business owner. In order to ensure you are in compliance with union requirements and labor laws, you must also include records of when your employee is not working. Examples of this include: FMLA time, compensated time, jury duty and vacation. In addition, time sheet tracking helps you identify no-shows, tardy workers, and those that call in sick.

Benefits of Removing Manual Processes

Relying on manual systems of time sheet tracking open you and your business to the risk of pricey errors. Wasted time, errors, and financial losses are the biggest risks. Human error goes up when workers are doing tedious work related to time sheet records. Automating these tasks, will lower the risk of errors.

Digital Time Sheet Data Collection

There are several positive reasons why you should consider installing a time sheet app to keep track of employees. Not only are you eliminating manual punch card systems and paper time sheets, you can add features to let your employees track their time on specific projects.

Controlling Labor Costs

Automated systems, like a time sheet app, can help you eliminate interpretation errors, transcription errors, and intentional error. Streamlining your payroll situation by putting a time sheet app to work will help prevent over or under paying your employees. Digital delivery of the data, storage, and transfer to your payroll system brings efficiency and increased productivity to your business. 

Payroll Fraud Protection

You cannot afford to lose money as a small business, and payroll fraud is one way that a business loss is like a slap in the face. Using software or an app to track employee time sheets and projects is a great way to eliminate the risk of payroll fraud.

There are additional features to time card apps that add to the convenience of tracking your employees work hours. Keeping track of mileage and other data help with additional cost. You should consider using an app to help with employee time sheets for many reasons. You can increase records accuracy, and eliminate errors. We are all looking for ways to help the planet, so reducing paper use through the elimination of manual punch cards and paper time sheets are a great idea. Digitizing your time sheet data mean having greater control over your labor cost and protecting yourself from payroll fraud.