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A small business owner’s guide to time sheet tracking apps

Posted by Team Synerion on November 2017

Tracking your employees time sheets with apps is a great way to keep track of when your workers clock in and out. However, there are many other pieces of important information that the time sheet tracking provides you with as a small business owner. In order to ensure you are in compliance with union requirements and labor laws, you must also include records of when your employee is not working. Examples of this include: FMLA time, compensated time, jury duty and vacation. In addition, time sheet tracking helps you identify no-shows, tardy workers, and those that call in sick.

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How to Improve Small Retail Business with Workforce Management Software

Posted by Team Synerion on September 2017

While most business owners and managers understand how far workforce management solutions and other forms of administrative automation have come, far too many misjudge the value of such solutions in a smaller environment. It’s important to understand that workforce management isn’t just something for mega-corporations looking to shave a tiny amount from operations expenses; these tools have value for even the smallest of retail operations, so long as they’re applied effectively. Here are just a few of the ways a small retail business might leverage workforce management software:

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How to Ensure the Most Effective Small Business Management

Posted by Team Synerion on July 2017

Managing a small business is a complicated endeavor, and is prone to many types of failure. However, you can head off many of these failures by using the right software. Software enforces the major decisions you make, and keeps you constantly abreast of both major points and small details. This software can be used whether it is part of your core operation or not.

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Why Cloud-Based Workforce Management Solutions are Ideal for Small Businesses

Posted by Team Synerion on December 2015

While the digital world has made it easier for business owners to reach out to their community, it's also increased the need for IT knowledge. While setting up a basic company website or social media may be within your sphere of knowledge, implementing a workforce management system may require more working knowledge than you're willing or able to gain. Rather than buy and maintain servers for an in-house workforce management solution, more small businesses are turning towards a cloud-based system to save on cost, time, and effort. Use these benefits to consider if a cloud-based workforce management system would work for you. 

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Overcoming Common HR Challenges for Small Business

Posted by Team Synerion on November 2015
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The Keys to Running a Successful Small Business

Posted by Team Synerion on September 2015
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Problems with Rapid Growth of a Business: Why You Need to be Prepared

Posted by Team Synerion on June 2015

When Mathew Carpenter started the website "Ship Your Enemies Glitter", he wasn't planning on the avalanche of orders from around the world. Within days, he ended up suspending sales and ultimately selling the site because he couldn't keep up with demand. Even though he pocketed a profit, he ultimately lost money by being unable to deal with the rapid growth of a business. While every small business owner dreams of unbridled success, few take meaningful steps to plan for that to actually happen. Instead of losing out, think about these problems and preparations to be ready for rapid business growth.

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Budgeting for Small Business Success

Posted by Team Synerion on April 2015

Creating a realistic budget is a challenge for every business owner from mom and pop stores to international corporations. Regardless of how long you've been in business, budgeting for small business success may still allude you. These four tips can help you create an achievable budget that focuses on business growth before your next fiscal year.


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5 Common Small Business Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Team Synerion on October 2014
Mistakes are a given in the small business sector. Since SMBs are typically more agile and dynamic than their larger counterparts, they tend to be more ready to experiment, and sometimes hit the ground running. While this is normal, there are a few common small business mistakes that are much more costly than a simple failed experiment. Below is a list of the ones that you should be mindful to avoid.
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