Is Your Time and Attendance Tracking System Outdated?

43306744_s.jpgWith all the daily challenges of running a business, your employee time and attendance tracking system might not be the first thing on your mind. However, an outdated tracking system can cause your business to lose both time and money. Ask these questions to determine whether your time and attendance tracking system needs an update.

Are Time Tracking Errors Common in Your Business?

Modern time and attendance tracking systems are designed to reduce human errors, which can lead to employee hours being incorrectly recorded. However, outdated systems often present more opportunities for errors to creep in. Find out what error reduction and correction features your time and attendance tracking system offers, and compare them to the features offered by the latest tracking systems to see how a new system could help you reduce errors and save money.

Are You Sure Your Employees Are Being Honest?

According to a survey of more than 500 employees in the retail and service industries, more than 30 percent of employees enter inaccurate information into time and attendance tracking systems to pretend they have worked more hours than they have really been present. Employees sometimes ask coworkers to clock them in or out when they want to arrive late or leave early. The latest time and attendance tracking systems provide features that are designed to eliminate this behavior, such as biometric technology, which mean that an employee must be physically present to clock on or off.

Is Your Payroll Department Overburdened?

If your time and attendance tracking system isn’t fully integrated with your payroll software, employees in your payroll department can spend a lot of time manually transcribing or copying data, chasing down errors, and ensuring that every employee gets the pay packet they deserve. Talk to your payroll department about the processes they use to convert employee attendance data into accurate pay checks. Could an up-to-date, fully integrated time and attendance tracking system make their jobs easier?

Is Your Business Protected Against Lawsuits and Audits?

If your business is audited, you may be required to provide proof of the hours worked by each employee. Modern time tracking software can provide the records you need in an easily accessible format. If an employee accuses your business of underpayment or of forcing them to work to many hours, you will be able to provide records to back up your defense. In contrast, records in an outdated system may not be so easy to access.

Just because your time and attendance tracking system hasn’t broken down, that doesn’t mean it’s working efficiently for your business. Ask yourself these key questions to work out whether your system is outdated, and then look into up-to-date options for employee time tracking.

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