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What is Workforce Management: The 4 W's of WFM software

Posted by Team Synerion on February 2018

What is Workforce Management | SynerionThe simple answer to the question “what is workforce management?” is: a process, or software, that organizes, tracks and manages activities required to maintain a productive workforce. This would include time management, human resources, absence management, labor allocation,  staff scheduling and reports/analytics. That’s the “simple” answer to the “what”, but decision-makers in any organization need to know more - the kind of questions that will allow them to implement a process, and/or a WFM software, that will actually maximize performance, and streamline efficiencies across every department.

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Pros and Cons of Manual vs. Automated Attendance Systems

Posted by Team Synerion on January 2018

Payroll management can be a headache no matter what the size of your company. Recently, Kessler International published a survey which revealed almost 80 percent of all service industry and retail employees have ‘stolen time’ in one way or another. ‘Stealing time’ typically means the employees are misreporting hours, having colleagues clock them in or out, or are staying on the clock when they are not working. While you can track your employees’ time and attendance manually or via an automated system, both have their benefits and their drawbacks. Read on to see which system best meets your needs.

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4 Reasons to Start Automating Your Time & Attendance System

Posted by Team Synerion on December 2017

Payroll management can be a huge headache. Tracking employees’ time and attendance, filling out paperwork, making sure you meet all of your regulatory demands, it all takes time that eats into your busy day. An automated time and attendance system that meets your needs will yield a strong return on employee investment.

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How to start using online workplace management solutions

Posted by Team Synerion on November 2017

Using an online workplace management solution can help you effectively manage space while saving money. This easy-to-use software provides you with accurate, real-time information, making your day run more smoothly.

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Time Software

Posted by Team Synerion on November 2017

Labour costs and employee productivity are critical components of any business. As companies grow, the processes of tracking working hours and accounting for absences and holidays can become daunting. Errors in tracking employee time can result in overpayments, confusion, and lower employee morale.

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Workplace Automation: How the Rise of Non-Human Labour Will Impact Workforce Management

Posted by Team Synerion on March 2016

The fictionalized workplace of the future isn’t complete without humanoid robots and machines working without the presence of a single human. While today’s workplace is shifting towards more automation, that landscape isn’t without its human counterparts. In fact, today’s workplace needs smart and skilled workers more than ever to ensure that automation is being used appropriately. As non-human labour becomes more commonplace everywhere from hospitals to restaurants, understanding your worker’s roles in that landscape is more important than ever.

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Topics: Workforce Management, workplace automation, automation

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