The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Time Software

kelly-sikkema-411622.jpgLabour costs and employee productivity are critical components of any business. As companies grow, the processes of tracking working hours and accounting for absences and holidays can become daunting. Errors in tracking employee time can result in overpayments, confusion, and lower employee morale.

Improper scheduling can also create problems. Overscheduling can result in lower productivity per employee, while under-scheduling can end in costly production and service lapses.

If your seemingly realistic overall labour cost and productivity targets have been set but not realized, you should consider implementing a proven automatic system that precisely tracks when employees are working as well as when they are not.

What is Syneron’s Labour Management System?

An efficient highly automated labour management system from Synerion tracks, records, and accumulates all employee-related data for instant retrieval. Real-time information may be assimilated into a compact and easy-to-decipher report that is relevant to any level of management.

Advantages of Synerion Labour Management Systems are:

  • Automation eliminates human error.
  • Individual employee attendance records are instantly available.
  • The system can calculate overall workforce performance.
  • Software can create a labour cost per unit calculation for any period or shift in real-time, as needed.
  • Automation reduces the number of people and total cost required to track and manage information manually.
  • System eliminates payroll fraud and overpayment, a common problem with manual systems
  • Synerion will customize the system to meet each client’s particular circumstances

How Does a Synerion Automatic Employee Tracking System Work?

Time cards, time clocks or manual timesheets and ledgers have been in place for decades. These attempt to track when employees arrive at the site and when they leave. But, as manual systems, these cannot monitor all employee-related attendance issues such as sick days, unexcused absences, Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) time, accumulated vacation days, or jury duty obligations.

And, it should be noted, manual tracking costs time maintenance, and money even though the results may not be accurate.

Companies have learned that insufficient employee record keeping results in higher overall labor costs that, when weighed against output, increases the cost per unit and lowers profitability.

Synerion automated systems employ such technology as electronic tags, barcode badges, magnetic-stripe cards, and even biometrics and touchscreen devices to accurately track individual working hours and location.

Eliminate Errors and Overpayment

With manual processes, human errors and sketchy record keeping, mistakes are inevitable. Wage overpayment is far more likely than wage underpayment. While employees will always tend to challenge the latter, most merely overlook the former, thus allowing overall labour costs to rise unnecessarily.

Compliance and Instant Recall

Synerion’s automated system ensures that companies comply with all labour regulations and requirements. However, if a company should be challenged regarding a specific issue, the system will provide complete and reliable information regarding the employee’s whereabouts at any particular time during presumed working hours.

Award-Winning Labour Management Software Designed for Any Business

Synerion realizes that companies have been wasting time and money by manually tracking the workforce. Just as manufacturers have accelerated their processes and retailers have streamlined their just-in-time inventories by using technology, human resources management can benefit dramatically from customized information-based software. Eliminating mind-numbing record keeping and manual calculations with Synerion’s management software will save money. You may find that implementation frees up staff to work on projects that more strategically contribute to the bottom line.