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What Labor Costing Software Can Do For Small Business

Posted by Team Synerion on January 2018

rawpixel-com-310778.jpgWhen it comes to business expenses, it's always best to keep them at a minimum. That's why businesses large and small are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and be more efficient - and controlling labor expenses can be one of the best ways to achieve this.

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How Businesses Can Solve Big Problems with Labour Cost Tracking Software

Posted by Team Synerion on September 2017

Labour costs can quickly turn a robust financial position into a more tenuous one, and can make an already strained situation even worse. It is vital that you control your costs, particularly with regards to compensating your employees. While keeping everyone on task is certainly vital, it can be just as helpful to employ software that ensures that workers are paid properly. This saves time and money.

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What Labour Costing and Employee Time Tracking Software Can Do For Your Business

Posted by Team Synerion on June 2017

57698408_s.jpgLabour costing and attendance tracking aren’t the easiest tasks out there. The good news is that innovative solutions have become available, giving businesses the tools needed to increase accountability and identify detrimental trends.

If you’re still wondering whether such software is the right option for your business, the following guide will be the right one for you. It will give you a better idea about the positive manners in which labour costing and attendance tracking solutions will affect your business.

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5 Tips for Determining Compensation for New Staff

Posted by Team Synerion on May 2017

23361432_s.jpgDetermining compensation for new staff is always pivotal in the hiring process. This is the point where an employer can create or break trust, as well as set the tone for the entire employment relationship. Remember, you want to pay enough to get the best talent, but not more than what the job is worth. The best way to determine compensation is coming up with a payment scale for smoother fiscal transactions.

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Manage your Risk and Compliance Initiatives

Posted by Team Synerion on April 2014

The majority of organizations underestimate the complexity of compliance risks and the potential impact common regulatory violations, such as failure to pay overtime, can have. What many companies do not understand is that these compliance risks are often unintentional and easily avoidable.

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Workforce Solutions for the Retail Industry

Posted by Team Synerion on April 2014


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