Manage your Risk and Compliance Initiatives

The majority of organizations underestimate the complexity of compliance risks and the potential impact common regulatory violations, such as failure to pay overtime, can have. What many companies do not understand is that these compliance risks are often unintentional and easily avoidable.

Synerion’s Workforce Management Solutions help optimizes an organization’s labour compliance by implementing automation and configuration of employee information. Synerion can help keep your organization in compliance of rules and regulations with the following:

  • Accuracy
      • Compliance with labour and wage laws and regulations, personal contracts and collective agreements
      • Reduce payroll error through human error (Human error can account to 1.5 -8% of annual payroll costs)
      • Effectively predict and plan labour
  • Reporting
      • Improved monitoring, recording and managing time and attendance information
      • Employee information is readily accessible as you need it with a decreased risk or records being lost, damaged or destroyed
      • Analyze and identify key trends, opportunities and threats that could affect the organization, and take immediate corrective action
  • Automation
    • Automating rules and regulations ensures not only compliance, but payment are made according to employee schedules (preventing over and under payments)
    • Automated alerts warn of deviations from work hours, number of shifts, rest time between shifts, number of consecutive days worked, and additional parameters defined by the industry

Ultimately, Synerion’s automated Workforce Management solutions control labour costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve productivity through a centralized and automated policy administration. Synerion is experienced in supplying workforce solutions across all industries, and comply with their specific compliance laws and regulations.


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