Workforce Solutions for the Retail Industry


Managing the retail industry is a significant and complex challenge dependent on a variety of factors: Balancing the high cost of labour and expenses, limited budgets, efficient workforce management and labour law and regulation compliance - All while striving to keep a competitive advantage with reasonable prices and a positive shopping experience.

In order to keep that competitive advantage in the retail industry, efficient workforce management is critical. Synerion understands the challenges the retail industry poses, and offers workforce solutions designed specifically for retail that helps retailers not only better manage their workforce, but increase productivity and their bottom line.

Synerion’s Retail Workforce Solutions Help:

  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Ensure accurate pay
  • Decrease labour costs and overstaffing
  • Reduce risk through proper compliance with labour laws and regulations
  • Reduce recruitment time and costs
  • Increase retention and employee communication
  • Deliver a consistent, positive shopping experience

The workforce solutions automate and manage the business process of the retail industry – from recruitment to time management, attendance, and absence tracking and payroll administration. The solutions offer real-time alerts in case of discrepancies between planning and actual implementation and support a variety of labour agreements and regulations.

They are easy to use web-based self service tools that are available for both employees and managers – with real-time viewing of information for improved communication between staff.

Synerion helps organizations in the retail industry conduct professional, efficient and cost effective workforce solutions.