The Best Time Clock Software for the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality requires very careful attention to many details, and not the least of these is tracking when employees clock in and out. Overall attendance and payroll are important parts of profitability. With the right software backing up management, the facility can run well, but without the highest quality time clock software the situation can become very challenging.

Deadline Adherence

Adhering to deadlines is a vital part of keeping times. You need to have the software functioning to a standard that lets you pay everyone in a given cycle efficiently. This is not even considering how you have to have your payroll records in order for quarterly payroll taxes, as well as for keeping your company's income taxes straight. Without the right software, you may find yourself struggling at the eleventh hour to finish everything in time. If you do not end up paying your employees when they expect it due to challenges imposed by subpar software, you may find yourself with a significant and very predictable dip in morale.

Limited Access

Time clock software is just like most kinds of cloud-based software -- while it can be highly portable and go with employees wherever their work may take them, it needs to have limited access. Adding clocking data can be disastrous if it is added incorrectly or to the wrong worker's time. As well, the ability to edit clocking data needs to be reserved exclusively for management over their own areas. Limiting access to the software is also useful to prevent potential back door access to other system resources your company may be using, in case an individual with nefarious intentions gains access to an employee's personal device or a company device.

Proper Classification

Properly classifying the types of employees you are tracking is vital to tracking them effectively. While you may only have permanent full-time employees, this may be subject to change during your peak versus off-peak seasons. As well, for special events you may find that a contingent or temporary work force is also going to be on your books. Because of this variability, tracking everyone's times and how much time they have allotted can be a challenge. Fortunately, you can alleviate part of this challenge because of the number of alerts that premium quality software can provide you with. Being able to identify when a given employee is going to go over their hours at a glance is powerful, and can save you from costly overages.

Time Off Reminders

Time off is naturally a chance for employees to refresh themselves. However, it is also a way to avoid over-paying for someone who should be off but is still working. As well, in some cases there is mandatory time off, and forgetting about this can lead to you having to pay costly fines. The best software makes identifying when an employee is due for off time a simple matter, which frees up more of your time to handle helping your guests to better enjoy their time in your establishment.

Conflict Avoidance

It is important to keep from having too few employees working at once, in order to keep payroll reasonable. By the same token, it is also important to keep from having too few employees working, so all necessary work is performed within a reasonable span of time. Keeping the schedules of numerous people in the system can lead to conflicts, and these can lead to poor morale and overall staffing problems. The best software helps to keep everyone's schedules organized, keeping them working the right amount of time and keeping overall staffing where it needs to be.