The Importance of Time Tracking for Seasonal Workers

the importance of time tracking for seasonal workersThe holidays are right around the corner, and for many businesses, that means the return of seasonal workers. While seasonal workers are a huge help to businesses, they can also be a source of frustration when it comes to time and attendance. Even if a worker is only working for a season, workers and managers need to work together to ensure proper time tracking.

Conform to Labor Laws

One of the pieces of misinformation often passed around about seasonal workers is that because of their temporary employment, labor laws do not apply to this class of employee. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), there is no exemption for part-time or temporary workers when it comes to the rules. Workers still must receive one and one-half rate pay for any time worked over forty hours. Managers need to keep these regulations in mind when hiring and scheduling seasonal employees. 

Prevent Payroll Woes

Anyone who has done payroll knows that that it's difficult enough to sort through sick days, vacation, and altered hours to properly pay every employee. Adding seasonal workers who aren't incorporated into the normal time tracking system presents a whole new level of frustration.

Properly paying employees and determining hours work is pivotal to businesses and a time keeping system is designed to provide accurate hours that can be correctly paid. Keeping seasonal employees separated from yearly employees when doing payroll can be a nightmare and result in under or over payment of wages. No matter how long an employee is working with the company, they should have their time tracked appropriately to ensure payroll can easily and accurately do their job.

Ease Employee Worries 

From the employee side, it's important for managers to prioritize time tracking for seasonal workers by allowing them to use the same systems as permanent employees. Seasonal employees work more on faith than any other employee. They generally don't get benefits, don't get their pick of hours, and don't get glamorous jobs. They work as needed for as long as necessary in whatever capacity they are required. Some employers take advantage of this arrangement, neglecting to ensure they are properly compensated for their hours.  

A company that integrates seasonal employees into the mix gives employees confidence in the business and allow them to be part of the team. Enrolling seasonal employees into and out of workforce management software is easy, accurate, and requires little employee training. The simple act of giving all employees a professional and simple way to record and track their hours can elevate your business above the competition.

Even if you're just looking for a few people to get through the holiday rush, it's important to keep careful track of the time those employees' spent working with your business. Not only does this make seasonal workers feel more confident about their job, but it also helps your business adhere to labor laws and properly pay seasonal employees. Time keeping software makes this process simple by allowing managers to easily add and remove employees and requiring little training for employees to clock in and track their own hours. Prepare for the coming addition of seasonal workers by setting up a system for integrating them into your time keeping software.