Top Five Hospitality Management Solutions

25392508_s.jpgThe hospitality industry has a difficult time managing all of the moving parts of a hotel. Keeping every variable aligned for maximum profitability and the minimization of liability is difficult work, and software that helps with this is very important. Modern solutions allow hotel managers to focus on providing the best experience to the guests, instead of staying in the back room keeping the schedule together and handling technical issues that are not core to actually running the hotel itself.

Labor Cost Estimation

There are few details that are more cumbersome than determining how expensive payroll is going to be, particularly in advance. Cost estimation software has simplified the process considerably, however, as this allows you to focus on ensuring that your staff can do their jobs effectively instead of having to crunch numbers. With scheduling software at its side, labor cost estimation software can predict with exceptional accuracy how expensive a given week, month, quarter or year's payroll and other labor cost expenses are going to be. When you can properly estimate the costs of labor, you can then focus on improving other areas and finding other costs that may be cut down.

Workforce Management Software

You have a large number of employees, and everyone has vacation time, sick days and holiday pay in addition to their hours worked. This can become very complicated in a hurry, and traditionally this has been a sizable portion of a manager's job to handle. Fortunately, advancements in workforce management software can help you conform to the budget, keep the building properly staffed around expected absences, and stay compliant with the laws surrounding required employee time off. This frees up valuable time that you can then use to improve the stay experience for your guests, which is a far greater use of a manager's time.

Cloud-based Solutions

It can be tempting to keep all of your software operating on a server that is within the hotel itself. This may initially seem like the simplest and most direct option. However, this also requires a substantial level of skill with operating servers, which many hotel managers and employees do not have. As well, having all of your software and data housed within the hotel exposes you to any physical risks that could befall the hotel itself, such as a natural disaster, a fire or even ordinary vandalism. For this reason, cloud-based software solutions are excellent ways to streamline your processes and help your hotel to function more effectively while you keep costs moderate and build your profits.

Occupancy-based Scheduling Software

There are bound to be slow times and spikes in your need for staffing, and software can aide with this. Occupancy and special events are the number one trigger for needing more staffing, and software can assist you in making sure you have plenty of staff on hand to respond to the needs of your guests. Software never forgets, is aware of every detail, and can help you make the decisions that keep your hotel running at its best.

Absence Management

Absences are to be expected. However, other than sicknesses that can happen at any time, absences can be planned around to a considerable extent. Not only do you have to be certain that your hotel will function through the expected absences of employees who are taking their vacation days, and be certain that no one is taking too many days off to be beneficial to the hotel. You also need to make sure you are remaining within legal compliance for how much off time you need to be giving your employees.

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