Synerion New Customer Profile of the Month-January 2022

black-it51-with-white-screen-1Synerion New Customer Profile of the Month (January)

Hey!  What’s this blog about?:

Each month Synerion highlights a new customer story in an effort to promote local businesses and the story of how/why they partnered with Synerion and what this means to them.

Customer Profile:

This month we are highlighting a Venue Management and Food Services & Hospitality customer out of Philadelphia, PA.  They help businesses manage events and entire venues with their ~500 employee staff.

The Challenge:

Previous to the Synerion this customer managed their ~500 employees with timesheets, paper and pencils.  It was a nightmare!  There must be something better!

So, how does Synerion help and why them?:

This customer found Synerion online after doing a bunch of research at various websites.  Synerion’s online review rating score stood out so they reached out with high hopes.  Evaluating multiple vendors, including TimeClock Plus, this customer selected Synerion’s Agile Workforce Management Cloud suite to help manage and schedule their ~500 hard working staff members.  They wanted simple and competitive pricing with a product readily available to be setup quickly!  Synerion was the clear choice.

Within 2 weeks of starting their project this Events Management customer was already collecting punches!!

The Solution:

Synerion Agile Cloud Workforce Suite with the following features:

  • Employee Scheduling
    • Synerion scheduling helps them find where ~500 employees needed to go and optimize their time
  • Labor Costing
    • Labor Costing was used to track and schedule their employees to certain jobs, events and locations
  • Time and Attendance
    • Employees can capture their start and end times being sure to be paid accurately
  • Time Clocks
    • Synerion Touch screen units make it easy for their ~500 employees to track their start & end times, breaks, events and locations

So what does this mean for you?

Do you think Synerion can help your business or want to hear more stories?  Please connect with us by filling out this form!