Synerion New Customer Profile of the Month-April 2022

zk-1500x844Synerion New Customer Profile of the Month (April)

Hey!  What’s this blog about?:

Each month Synerion highlights a new customer story in an effort to promote local businesses and the story of how/why they partnered with Synerion and what this means to them.

Customer Profile:

 This month we are highlighting a Transportation and Logistics company out of the Greater Toronto Area in Canada.

The Challenge:

Previous to using Synerion this customer managed their employees manually.

So, how does Synerion help and why them?:

Finding Synerion on the ADP Marketplace they asked to reach out to Synerion to have a stand alone time management solution for their agency employees.

The Solution:

Synerion Agile Cloud Workforce Suite with the following features:

  • Employee Scheduling
    • Synerion scheduling helps them manager their workforce
  • Time and Attendance
    • Employees can capture their start and end times being sure to be paid accurately
  • Time Clocks
    •  Synerion Facial Recognition units were purchased to provide a contactless experience

So what does this mean for you?

Do you think Synerion can help your business or want to hear more stories?  Please connect with us by filling out this form!