Improve Your Company’s Task Management


Task management is a crucial part of a profitable organization. The ability to track the labour involved with each task, and to make adjustments to avoid any loss and optimize productivity is essential for success.

Below are five ways to improve your company’s task management:

Take a Streamlined Approach

  • Utilize a streamlined approach to create, approve, execute and verify tasks.
  • This then able managers to evaluate, at any given time, working hours utilization per task/ project at the organization, department, or employee level, in order to maintain profitability objectives.

Business Intelligence

  • Business intelligence tools and management reports provide a range of task/project-related data analysis, capabilities, including matters related to employment agreements, attendance time and breaks, whether paid or not.

Increase Visibility and Control

  • Comparison of planned vs. actual in accordance with time and attendance and scheduling systems, ensures your control over the labour costs of a project, and enables you to take corrective action if necessary.

Time Management

  • Collect, analyze and calculate work hours by task/project for costing purposes and for transfer to payroll.
  • Authorize task management by jobs at the employee/department/group levels
  • Automatic reporting of tasks spanning several days

Analysis and Corrective Action

  • Detailed reports on all aspects of attendance, absence, overtime and tasks can provide the analysis and identification of deviations from planned performance measures and allow you to take immediate corrective actions when necessary.


macbook-smartphone-synerionbannerSynerions workforce management solutions facilitate the maintenance of business goals, even in a dynamic business environment and ultimately work towards improving your company’s task management.