How Courier Companies can Benefit from Workforce Management Software

Courier-company.jpgWhether it's the excitement of the holiday season or the doldrums of the summer, it's always important for courier companies to provide fast, prompt service to their customers. Yet many companies continue to fly blind when it comes to improving their services by using antiquated software or being unable to improve their workflow using current tools.

Learn how workforce management software can support your current workflow and improve upon it to ensure faster deliveries, happier employees and more satisfied customers. 

Consolidate Data to Make Better Decisions

Pennies and miles matter for those in the courier business. The extra time and money spent getting product delivered cuts profit and reduces your impact in the courier industry. When courier companies can’t consolidate their different software systems for delivery and labour tracking, it’s hard to find patterns that lead to waste.

A workforce management system provides an intermediary piece of software that aggregates data in a central place and assesses it to provide a more streamlined workflow. With a workforce management system, your courier company can pair employee hours with delivery schedule and dispatch information to make deliveries faster.

Repair Broken Processes 

The ultimate goal for a courier company is to deliver their product quickly. Customers don't care the steps that go into delivering that product but they certainly care when it shows up days or even hours late.

Using consolidated data through a workforce management system allows courier companies to pinpoint delays and determine what caused them. Reports can be set up to regularly go to necessary staff and follow up for those delays can all be recorded on your workforce management software, allowing every manager to see the steps that were taken to resolve those errors. This will give your records more accuracy than ever before.

Making Meaningful Updates to Current Policies

Business data isn't just used for pinpointing specific problems within a system. It also allows for those problems to be fixed permanently through updated policies and workflows. Not only can workforce management software generate and disperse reports to help managers make necessary changes but it also provides a platform to update company policies and workflows across the entire organization.

Managers can create or update a new policy and send that new policy to all applicable employees to review and electronically sign for compliance. Not only does this ensure every employee understands the new policy but also creates documentation in case of non-compliance.

Communicate More Efficiently

When the bulk of your workforce works on the go, communication can get tricky. Managers may try to disseminate information but days off, sick time, and deliveries can make it hard. Workforce management software provides a one-stop shop for employees and managers to communicate no matter their location. Managers can message employees, request document review, and provide training while employees can request time off, ask questions from co-workers, and communicate with their manager whenever is convenient for them. Workforce management software allows better and more open communication for those in the courier business. 

Workforce management software is more than just another piece of technology. It ties together the software you already use with the information you need to excel. By providing business data integration to help provide more efficient deliveries and better communication with employees, workforce management software is a tool you can't afford to ignore. 

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