ibrowse – The Ultimate Web Enabled Time and Attendance Solution

TimeTECH's iBrowse allows users and administrators to access their time and attendance system anywhere they have an internet connection.

In some organizations, employees are allowed to work from home, hotel, airport, or even on the beach which makes iBrowse a great time and
attendance solution.

Not only can users clock in and clock out, but they can request vacation time, see available vacation days left; pull up their work hour history and more!

Administrators can view employee records, make changes and run reports from the comfort from their own home or in the local coffee shop.

iBrowse is definitely gaining a lot more popularity since employees are working from home a lot more due to rising gas prices.

Take the office where you are!

In either Internet or intranet configurations, iBrowse provides both employees and supervisors a location-independent tool for entering and reviewing attendance, absence and activity-based costing information. iBrowse, developed using state-of-the-art internet technology, is a true n-tier web-enabled application.

Turn their desktop into a "punch clock" for both attendance and activity-based costing

  • Can display in/out times or duration

  • Calculate and display total attendance, total costing hours and attendance-costing variances

  • Display both daily and pay-period attendance and costing summaries

  • Filter/specify data format & employee groups to display for each supervisor (thereby significantly streamlining the review and authorization process)

  • Require supervisor and/or employee approval for entered/modified data via electronic signatures.

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