3 things to consider when choosing a time and attendance software

time and attendance | SynerionAn automated time and attendance software system will help effectively manage your employees while saving you time and money. This user-friendly software can provide you with accurate, real-time information, helping your business run more smoothly and efficiently.   

When you’re choosing an automated time and attendance software solution, know they are not all created equal. They won’t all offer the same depth, or type, of features. Consider the following when you choose a system:  

Three Key Features to Consider

When looking for a time and attendance software, look for one that will provide you with a real-time look at your workforce, so you can make proactive business decisions. Look for a software system that will keep you within your budget while ending problems such as time fraud and unnecessary overtime costs.

  • Complete Time and Attendance Tracking: It’s important to choose a software system that offers you comprehensive time tracking. Look for a time tracking feature that operates in real time, this way, you’ll always know what’s happening in your workplace. You’ll always know who is absent, who is late, what areas need more coverage, and who has forgotten to clock in or out. A comprehensive time tracking feature will be one that is easy and flexible to setup and can be configured to meet your specific needs.

  • Various Data Collection Methods: Additionally, when choosing a workforce management system look for one that offers you the ability to collect data in a number of different ways. These methods should include things like time clocks for on-site hourly employees, a time tracking system accessible online, or a mobile tracking application which will allow your employees to clock in and out anywhere.  

  • Flexible Scheduling Options: Another key feature to consider when you choose your software is the ability to maximize your time and ensure your employees are working efficiently. To do so, flexible employee scheduling is essential. With flexible scheduling, you’ll be able to manage and deploy your employees simply and easily. This ensures you will always have employees where you need them when you need them. Plus, a flexible scheduling option will make it easy to manage employees on different shifts, at different sites, and in different job categories. A flexible scheduling feature will help you match your employees’ skills to the job requirements, so you’ll always be properly staffed. You’ll also want to choose a program which will alert you when you’re schedule requires overtime or is understaffed. This will keep you operating within your budget.

When choosing time and attendance software, look for these three key features to ensure your business’s success. 

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