Environmentally Friendly Time Tracking Systems

environmentally friendly time tracking systemsHow much environmental damage are you doing with your time tracking system? Whether you're depending on excel spreadsheets or paper punch cards, employers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint can start by changing to an automated timekeeping system. Not only do automated systems help employees stay compliant with company procedures, but they also reduce unnecessary waste. Consider these reasons to start your green initiative with an overhaul of your timekeeping system. 

Badge Access

If you're currently relying on paper punch cards, not only are you more susceptible to buddy punching and other forms of time theft, but you also waste hundreds of paper cards annually. Implementing a badge access time tracking system allows businesses to dump their wasteful paper cards and increase security. Badge systems give each employee a unique identification card that can be worn throughout the work day and used to scan in and out. By installing badge scanners, employers can better track employee time and provide employees an easier way of punching in and out. 

Biometric Scanners

If the plastic used for badges feels too wasteful, biometric scanners are another form of time tracking that can be easily implemented while also providing added security to your workplace. Using the unique fingerprint or hand print of your employees provides an environmentally friendly and secure way to ensure employee attendance without the added risk of time theft. Biometric scanners can be easily installed anywhere badge access scanners would be installed. They depend on employee presence so there's no chance of improper punching for co-workers and they cannot be lost by the employee, as is the case for badges. For added security and less waste, consider ditching your punch cards for a biometric time tracking system. 

Cloud Based Scheduling

Managers who schedule on Excel worksheets know the pain of adjusting the schedule. Rarely does a month go by that an employee forgets to ask for a day off or an emergency occurs that requires an overhaul of the entire schedule. Even worse, Excel schedules are only accessible to the manager who made them which prevents departments from working with each other to ensure proper scheduling. One month of multiple departments working at minimum capacity can be a huge burden to the business, decreasing customer satisfaction and employee morale. A cloud based scheduling system allows managers to work cooperatively on schedules and gives employees instantaneous access to their schedules, from home or work. This results in less wasted paper and more timely attendance because all employees know when they are expected to work. To improve collaboration between departments and ensure employees have the most up-to-date schedule, a cloud based scheduling system is a must. 

Going green doesn't need to be a burden for your business. In fact, by using the right tools, you can increase productivity, improve employee morale, and reduce wasted spending. Ditching those excel spreadsheet schedules and paper punch cards for an automated timekeeping system that includes badge or biometric scanners and cloud based scheduling are just a few improvements that will help your business reduce waste. Start your environmentally friendly initiative today by researching the benefits of a paperless time tracking system. 


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