Why Your Company Should Embrace eLearning


Elearning describes the process of using technology to facilitate the training and development of employees. It is quickly becoming more prominent for organizations of all types and sizes. According to Floyd Consulting, businesses are using almost 60% more technologies in their learning programs than they did five years ago, and this trend will only continue as capabilities improve and technologies advance.

The benefits of eLearning for businesses can be significant. It can help to attract and retain employees, can serve to develop employees professionally, and can equip your workforce with the tools they need to be the best at what they do. And it doesn’t end there. Here are some other reasons your company should embrace electronic learning.

Many organizations struggle with the costs associated with training employees. Physical sessions, paper materials, instructors, and so on can add up quickly. Elearning eliminates many of these concerns. Since training is facilitated electronically, you don’t need to have any physical presence. This also means that any employee with access to a computer with internet can participate in the training, regardless of where they are located. This is particularly useful for organizations that have multiple locations or operate trans-nationally.

Scalability and Consistency
In a similar vein, electronic learning ensures that as many or as few employees as necessary get the training they need to succeed and/or develop in their roles ­– and the cost won’t vary. Once the materials are available and the capabilities to access them are granted, you can train additional workers without added cost.
Furthermore, elearning makes it very easy to ensure that all employees receive the exact same training, regardless of location. The benefit is that each employee who undergoes the training will emerge with the same knowledge base that aligns with your company’s objectives and helps them perform better.

Flexibility and Convenience
One of the biggest downfalls of traditional methods of learning is that you need the trainees to be in a certain physical location, at a particular time. This is not feasible given how business operates today. Remote workers, increased mobility, multi-national operation: traditional training methods don’t lend themselves well to the realities of commerce in the digital age.
With electronic education however, you can offer flexibility and convenience. Employees can undergo training using the device they prefer, at the time when is most suitable for them. They don’t need to be removed from their day-to-day roles, drive to a distant location or be sent on a plane to develop their knowledge, which saves your business time and money, but also allows employees to learn in the way that best suits them.


Ultimately, elearning is a very viable option for businesses, and one that reaps a myriad of benefits. By making training more accessible, convenient, consistent, and scalable, electronic learning is advantageous not only for your company, but also for your employees. It’s a win-win.


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