Why Workforce Management Software Helps Keep Retail Employees Engaged

Why workforce management software helps keep retail employees engagedRetail and employee engagement don't always go hand-in-hand. The needs of a retail location vary and the combination of part-time, full-time, and seasonal workers can increase confusion among employees and reduce satisfaction. That doesn't need to be the norm though. A workforce management software system is the best way to keep all employees engaged and these four reasons outline why. 

Schedule Your Best

Not all employees are created equal. Some are seasoned veterans of Black Friday and Labor Day weekend, easily navigating the crowds and products to increase sales. Others are new to the field and still trying to figure out the logistics. Workforce management software allows managers to schedule not only based on employee availability, but also by employee skill set and experience. Managers can ensure that their best employees are on hand when the company needs them most and can also schedule greener employees at times when they'll gain the most experience without being overwhelmed. A workforce management system can help ensure a challenging work schedule to engage employees while also creating a better retail experience for customers. 

Honor Employee Availability 

Retail employees come from all walks of life. Some are young students trying to earn enough money for this semester's books. Others are young parents who need to work around a school schedule. Retail employees even include retirees who want to stay in the workforce but on their own terms. Retail employees need a variety of schedules to accommodate these needs and retail managers often struggle trying to work around those schedules.

Workforce management software is a great way to honor the unique scheduling needs of your retail employees and ensure they feel respected, which increases employee engagement. Workforce management software can block time where employees cannot work and provide instant feedback for covering shifts when employees are available. With software, managers don't have to stop building a schedule to call employees for empty shifts. Instead, managers have a dynamic calendar that show each employee's availability. 

Reach Employees at Home

Today's workforce doesn't leave their job at the end of the day. They want to stay engaged with what's going on while they're off. They want to be able to plan and schedule around their work to optimize their own time. A workforce management system allows employees to not only gain access to information on the job but also the ability to access it at home. With mobile apps and sites, employees can look at their schedule, stay updated with company news, and connect with other employees and managers. This open access ensures that employees have the information they need even when they go home at the end of a shift.

Instantaneous Answers

Employee engagement can break down when employees don't feel their questions and concerns are being addressed. In the retail environment, this lack of communication can be doubly damaging because your manager isn't necessarily in the next office over or even in the store. Workforce management software is one way to ensure that employees have instant access to company policies, a method of communication with their manager, and a venue to ask questions of their co-workers. This heightened communication increases employee engagement not only for the employee asking questions but from the co-workers and managers who can supply feedback. 

A workforce management software system is a convenient and simple way for retail companies to increase their employee engagement and satisfaction. By providing a one-stop shop for employee and manager communication your employees can become more engaged and connected.