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5 Employee Scheduling Tips for Retail Businesses

Posted by Team Synerion on December 2015

5 employee scheduling tips for retail businessesRetail businesses face their own challenges when it comes to scheduling. Between juggling worker needs with business needs, managers can easily cater to one over the other, creating tension in the workplace. To create a balanced and fair schedule, use these four tips to ensure better staffing at your retail business. 

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Why Workforce Management Software Helps Keep Retail Employees Engaged

Posted by Team Synerion on December 2015

Why workforce management software helps keep retail employees engagedRetail and employee engagement don't always go hand-in-hand. The needs of a retail location vary and the combination of part-time, full-time, and seasonal workers can increase confusion among employees and reduce satisfaction. That doesn't need to be the norm though. A workforce management software system is the best way to keep all employees engaged and these four reasons outline why. 

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3 Retail Business Intelligence Tools you Can’t Afford to Ignore

Posted by Team Synerion on December 2014


Your business may be doing fine. Sales are solid and staffing is consistent but isn't there something more that you can do? Retail business intelligence has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade and if your business is still operating on 20th century technology, you're leaving money on the table. These three retail business intelligence tools can increase profits, cut down on waste, and promote productivity even during slow periods.

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3 Must-Have Metrics to Measure the Productivity of Your Retail Workforce

Posted by Team Synerion on December 2014


Learning how to measure productivity is no easy task and that rings even more true for the retail sector. Facing thin margins, high turnover, and varied sales cycles, many managers and owners rely more on feel than actual facts. By analyzing metrics, managers and owners can take the guesswork out of their business needs. These three metrics can help you increase workforce productivity in your own business. 
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