Why Use Biometric/Automated Time Clocks?

As much as we would like to trust that our employees are being honest, in the back of our minds we are wondering if they are really being truthful when filling out their time sheets. Whether they are rounding their hours a few minutes in the morning, a few in the afternoon, or signing out a little earlier than scheduled, these minutes can quickly add up, and could end up costing organizations thousands of dollars in payroll costs.

Manual time sheets are very difficult to manage, even more so with the more employees you have … besides, you don’t have time to babysit your employees, especially in a busy working environment.

Avoid all the heartaches that come with manual time sheets by automating your time clocks. An automated time clock would solve this problem by accurately recording your employee’s time punches, and automating your rules and regulations resulting in a precise payroll process.

From swipe cards, NFC, RFID, Fingerprint, Hand Readers, Bar Code readers etc, there are several different time clocks to choose from to meet the specific needs of your business.

Organizations use biometric readers when they are concerned that employees are clocking in for their friends who are late, leaving early, absent, or not even scheduled to work that day. By using hand scanners or fingerprint clocks you can eliminate this risk of buddy punching and save your company unnecessary operational costs.

Not only does the company benefit from an automated time clock system, but the employees benefit too:

  • Employees know that their hours are recorded accurately for correct pay

  • There are no timesheets / paper work to fill in (less time consuming)

  • Employees can access their time punch data online (request absences, book vacation time, check work schedules and more)

Most companies that integrate an automated time clock system see an ROI within a few months!

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