Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Use Time & Attendance Software

freestocks-org-229658.jpgToday, more than ever, it’s important for businesses to use time and attendance software. This software will help you increase your revenue and your employees’ productivity, all at the same time.  A recent Kessler International survey of service industry and retail employees show that nearly 80 percent of workers have ‘stolen time’, either by misreporting their hours, having others clock them in or out, or even staying on the clock when they aren’t working.

Using an automated time and attendance software program will allow you to track your employees’ time, making your business much more efficient. Here are some other benefits that come with tracking time employee time accurately:

  1. Less time devoted to payroll: With automated time and attendance software, you’ll spend less time on payroll. Your employees will be able to spend more time on their jobs, rather than on accounting practices every month.

  2. Prevent time theft: Time theft includes everything from your employees taking longer lunches and not reporting them to having friends clock them in. Time theft is costly and can be completely prevented with an automated system.

  3. Eliminate human error: No one is perfect, and that includes your accounting/payroll employees. A single misplaced digit can lead to costly errors in payroll. Plus, your employees may ‘forget’ which hours they worked and misrepresent them on manual time sheets. With attendance software, everything is accounted for in real-time and reported accurately when it comes to payroll processing.

  4. Employees are always in the loop: Your employees will never need to ask someone how many sick days they have or how much vacation they’ve accrued. They will always be able to access this information on their own time, from their own computers.

  5. No wasted time: You, and your employees, will spend less time organizing and processing paperwork. Which means you will also save money; you’ll need less paper, ink, toner, etc.
  6. Keep track of labor laws: Automated attendance software will also help you keep track of all state and federal labor laws. This helps you prevent lawsuits, too.

  7. Automated systems grow with your business: Automated software and time tracking software grows with you. As your business grows, there is no need to worry about keeping up with employee tracking. The software can manage them for you. Upgrading now will keep you on track as your business grows.

Don’t rely on outdated, time-consuming employee time-tracking methods. Automated software will help your business save time and money. No more stress at payroll time, no more worrying about time theft, a quality time and attendance system will allow you to enjoy the benefits of accurately tracked employees. 

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