The Disadvantages of Sticking with an Outdated Time and Attendance Program

rawpixel-com-252130 (1).jpgUsing an outdated, manual time and attendance program could be losing you, and your company, both time and money. Have you ever stopped to think about why, or how,  using an outdated system could be a huge disadvantage? Here are just a few things to consider...

Disadvantages of an Outdated Time & Attendance Program

  1. More time devoted to payroll: With a manual time and attendance program, you spend more time processing payroll. You’ll find yourself faxing, emailing, and tracking down employees to verify hours. This takes time out of your busy day, hours you could be devoting to more important tasks. An automated system will keep track as you go, providing you information in real time. When it’s time to do payroll, you’ll just need to click a button.
  2. Time theft: When you track time and attendance manually, you open up your business to time theft. Time theft can include things like employees taking longer lunches without reporting them, reporting the wrong clock in or clock out times, or even having other colleagues clock them in and out. With an automated system, employees are held accountable.

  3. Human error: Manual time and attendance processes are at a higher risk for human error. No one is perfect, and that includes your accounting and payroll department. Just one misplaced digit can lead to costly errors. An automated system won’t let that happen.

  4. More time spent answering employee questions: With outdated processes, your employees have no access to their accrued sick days and vacation time. To find out how much they have available, they will always need to ask you, or someone in human resources. With an automated system, that information would be at their fingertips.

  5. Breaking labor laws: State and federal labor laws are always changing. With an outdated, manual system, you’ll be in charge of looking up those laws, whereas an automated system would update you and keep track of all changes.

  6. Growth: As your business grows, you’ll have to scurry to keep up when you use a manual system to track time and attendance. Automated systems, on the other hand, grow with your business. As your business grows, automated software can manage new employees and keep you on track as your business grows.

Don’t rely on outdated, time-consuming employee time-tracking methods. These methods are inefficient and costly. Automated software will help your business save time and money. No more stress at payroll time, no more worrying about time theft, a quality time and attendance system will allow you to enjoy the benefits of accurately tracked employees.