Using Time and Attendance Software for a Growing Business

Managing a growing business means taking on a wide range of challenges, with time and attendance being one of the most critical issues. As a company grows, managing employee time can be more difficult because the old system is no longer quite adequate but a more robust system tends to be far more than needed. This is one reason why it is best to get a time and attendance system that is scalable.

Employment Tracking

It is essential to have a time and attendance system that makes it easy to add and remove employees, particularly for a growing business. You want something that is easy to use and understand so that time can go to other types of training, instead of having a lot of time going to correcting time and attendance for new employees.

It is also essential to have a system that allows you to easily add and remove employees. Hiring is essential, and it is more likely that you will see turn over go up during times of growth. Your time and attendance system needs to make it so that HR can easily add and remove employees in a highly secure environment.

Time Tracking

With an influx of new employees, time tracking because a lot harder to manage. Management will spend more time reviewing data and ensuring that their increasing number of employees are tracking their time properly.

Automation can help make this task considerably easier. By pulling reports and reviewing the data all at one time, management has a better set of tools to analyze employee clocking habits. This means being able to see when an employee is putting in extra time, is regularly late, or leaves early. As a business grows, it is nearly impossible to track this without software, but you don’t want a program that makes it difficult to compile the data and analyze it.

Attendance Monitoring

Just like time tracking, monitoring employee attendance ensures that you know which employees are reliable and which ones aren’t. This means having a way to tell why an employee was unable to make it to work, not just that they were out. An employee who is rarely out that misses a week for illness should not be affected during the review. An employee who regularly calls in at the last minute should be easy to identify through your time and attendance software. It is something that can be brought up during the performance review so that you can see if there is a way to get the employee to be more reliable.

The software also needs to make it easy to schedule time off of work. If an employee has a doctor’s appointment and will only be in the office for half a day, you want that to be easy so that the time can be covered by another employee or so that you know that progress on a project may be a little slower that week.

Dealing with Complex Scheduling

For manufacturing and sales, time and attendance includes managing a complex schedule. With multiple shifts that switch over the course of the day, you need software that will help you work new employees into the schedule as seamlessly as possible. Time and attendance software can make it easier by pulling information for scheduled time off and working it into the upcoming schedule.  

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