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How to Choose the Workforce Management Software for Your Retail Business

Posted by Team Synerion on January 2018

A workforce management system will help you more easily manage your employees, saving you both time and money. This type of easy-to-use software provides you with accurate, real-time information which will ensure your business runs more smoothly.

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How to Determine the Best Retail Software for Your Business

Posted by Team Synerion on June 2017

There are a lot of different types of available retail software, making it difficult to know what is right for your needs. The needs of a brick and mortar retail business are vastly different than that of an online retail business. Still, there are some aspects that are universal, regardless of the type of retail business you run.

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How to Cut Costs with Retail Management Software

Posted by Team Synerion on April 2017

Every business that has ever been has seen that the cost of labor is usually the largest cost expense. This is why it is vital to ensure that you are optimizing your scheduling and ensuring the business utilizing their money is a smart way. Sometimes that can be difficult if you are trying to do things the old way. As time goes on, new technology is constantly being made to help make our lives easier. For businesses, a new way of cutting cost is being made available at their disposal. With retail management software you can make sure you are saving as much money as possible. Here are some ways retail management software can help cut costs.

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5 Employee Scheduling Tips for Retail Businesses

Posted by Team Synerion on December 2015

Retail businesses face their own challenges when it comes to scheduling. Between juggling worker needs with business needs, managers can easily cater to one over the other, creating tension in the workplace. To create a balanced and fair schedule, use these four tips to ensure better staffing at your retail business. 

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5 Retail Workforce Management Tips

Posted by Team Synerion on July 2015

Retail workforce management is a difficult topic for experienced and new managers alike. The sheer variety of personalities, schedules and positional needs can keep a manager occupied for hours after the store closes. These five retail workforce management tips offer a few strategies to use time more effectively while still keeping customer satisfaction and experience scores high. 

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