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4 Ways Attendance Software Can Help Improve the Manufacturing Industry

Posted by Team Synerion on September 2017

Manufacturing is a never-ending cycle of production that needs to keep up with the increasing demands of an expanding market. It requires a workforce that never sleeps and supervisors that don’t sleep on the job of monitoring the time and attendance of employees.

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Ensure Productivity With Small Business Manufacturing Software

Posted by Team Synerion on June 2017

One of the biggest challenges facing small businesses is how to maintain a productive work day when so many areas are vying for attention. A small business owner often has to be their own payroll and accounting department as well as serving as human resources and frontline management. Ensuring productivity is a challenge, but there is a very effective solution. 

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Tackling the Employee Turnover Challenge in Manufacturing

Posted by Team Synerion on November 2014

Employee turnover can be highly detrimental to manufacturing organizations. The negative effects of high staff turnover include productivity losses, increased talent acquisition costs, and a significant impact on financial performance. Consequently, staff turnover can be a major problem for manufacturers, putting their business at risk.

For manufacturers aiming to decrease employee turnover for the benefit of both employees and their organization, here are some tactics to implement that can help tackle the issue.

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3 Tips to Lower Your Manufacturing Costs

Posted by Team Synerion on November 2014

For those in the business of manufacturing, costs tend to run higher than in other industries due to its very nature. Material, equipment and labour costs are typically significant, and often these are the areas that have the greatest financial burden. However, there are ways to lower industrial costs that are sustainable and ultimately beneficial for the long-term health of the organization. Here are some of the most effective.

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