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Evaluating Workforce Management: Avoid These Far Too Common Pitfalls

Posted by Team Synerion on July 2018

We’d love to believe that everyone in a company shares a common outlook, or are totally united in their perspectives on how to reach corporate goals. The truth is not that simple. Like the age-old battle lines drawn between marketing and sales teams, when evaluating workforce management solutions, Finance and HR decision-makers often don’t come to the table with the same criteria, context or frame of mind. You’re cut from different cloth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t align during a critical evaluation process.

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Evaluating Workforce Management Solutions: Best of Breed vs. All in One

Posted by Team Synerion on May 2018

Evaluating Workforce Management Solutions | SynerionHow do you make big decisions? Better yet, what do you use to evaluate your options, poke holes in proposals, and ultimately come to a confident conclusion about a decision that will impact your entire company, every day? After decades of talking to CFOs and decision makers in HR and Payroll, we’ve seen Workforce Management solutions fall victim to poor evaluation tactics...and it’s time to start speaking frankly about it!

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