The Latest Trends in Office Ergonomics

desk-office-workspace-coworking.jpgFor many employers, workplace ergonomics is a topic of great concern. Leading companies are continuously striving to have the latest office furniture, equipment and accessories to improve the comfort, safety and overall productivity of their workers.

However, today’s office ergonomics stretch far beyond what type of chair you provide to your employees. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the latest trends that workplaces are adopting to improve ergonomics and enhance their space.

Standing Desks
One of the most popular ergonomic products being introduced into the workplace today is the standing desk. Standing, rather than sitting all day at your desk can improve health and posture, allowing employees to stretch their legs for at least part of the day. Whether you choose to supply every employee with a standing workstation, or offer a few workstations that employees can rotate through during the course of a day, you will be helping to reduce strain and improve wellness overall.

Improved Lighting
Workplaces around the world are paying more attention to how their spaces are lit. Research suggests that better natural and artificial light in the workplace has been linked to both a reduction in absenteeism as well as an increase in productivity. By providing ample natural light via windows in your office, you can improve the well-being of your staff and improve your bottom line.

Monitor Risers & Arms
With more and more workers spending most of their time at a computer using multiple monitors, the need for these monitors to be positioned correctly has increased. In order to prevent neck, shoulder and eye strain, all monitors should be able to be adjusted in height for optimal viewing. Therefore, many offices are investing in monitor arms or risers which allow each worker to customize the position of their screen. As a general rule, all monitors should be positioned at least 20 inches away from you to reduce strain.

Ergonomic Accessories
From ergonomic keyboards to mouse pads, footstools and more, there are plenty of products on the market designed to improve comfort for your employees. If you’re considering investing in these types of accessories, remember that there is no one-size fits all solution. What works best for your staff will depend on the types of tasks they perform as well as their personal preferences. Therefore, when implementing ergonomic features into your office, choose products that are highly customizable and adjustable so your employees can find the right fit.