The Benefits of Reviewing Your Employee Tracking System

employee time tracking | SynerionWith the year drawing to a close, there are a lot of deadlines breathing down the neck of employers. Whether it is the end of a fiscal year, quarterly review period, or tax season keeping track of all the documentation that is required to stay in regulatory or tax compliance can make this time of year the toughest. Keeping track of all the employee activities that are relevant to this end-of-year scramble can make you feel like you are rushing to the finish line with a filing cabinet strapped to your back. It doesn't have to be this way, because an Employee Tracking System can put all that information at your disposal with a few clicks of a mobile device.

The Benefits of Reviewing Your Employee Tracking System

This time of a year is a headache for everybody, and your payroll department is undoubtedly as neck-deep in work as your Human Resources office. You are busy enough with managing day-to-day operations and staffing to see your inbox overflowing with the work that can wait, but it won't wait for long. An employee tracking system is a vital helping hand that can give you all the information you need when you need it the most.

Payroll Software Provides Quick Resolutions

The end of the year brings stress not only to management but also to the employees who are trying to finish all their work before their vacation starts. The last thing that they need to hear on a Friday before a holiday weekend is that there is a problem with their vacation request form or that the overtime they worked all week wasn't approved. With an electronic vacation submission form and accountable overtime tracking software, both management and the workforce can make sure that everybody leaves the holiday party happy.

Quick Staffing Solutions For Holiday Scheduling

Plenty of payroll's headaches begin at the time clock. The Holiday Season is always a herculean effort for scheduling and staffing, with various holiday time-off requests flooding in and temporary hiring struggling to fill in the gaps. Time and attendance software needs to be complex enough to keep track of different hourly pay rates and salary calculations to make sure that your holiday schedule is accurate and accountable so that when tax forms are filed and end-of-year paystubs are mailed everyone can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy their festivities.

Annual Reviews Made Easy

Your company has been working hard all year, and as the holidays approach it is time to take a critical look back at how it went. Reviewing employee performance isn't always easy, and when doing an annual review the more information you have the better. Employee tracking software can help you make a better decision. Not only will it record results of work or impressions of direct supervisors, but it will track the number of absences, if they happened during the busiest times, and if there was a pattern to them. These and other recorded employee metrics can help you more easily determine holiday bonuses or cut down the list for upcoming promotions. 

End The Year On A Good Note

Even if you are having difficulties with payroll management,  staff scheduling, or time and attendance, you don't have to let that turn you into a holiday humbug. Workforce management software just may be the holiday gift that keeps on giving all year round. Do you have any other holiday wishes that the market's best workforce management software can help you realize?

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