The Benefits of an Employee Satisfaction Survey


Your business uses data and intelligence to inform decision making processes and improve operations – why not use the same process for your workforce? Employee satisfaction surveys allow you to gauge employee morale and understand how satisfied employees are with their roles and responsibilities, work environment, and even where they wish their careers to go. Importantly, they help management identify issues proactively, and take corrective action where necessary. There are a myriad of benefits that result from employee fulfillment evaluations: here are just a few.


Increased Productivity

There is a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and better productivity. Employee satisfaction surveys won’t in and of themselves fix issues with morale, but they demonstrate to employees that you value their opinion and care about how happy they are in their roles. This alone can help motivate your workforce. Just make sure that when you are given feedback, you act on it; otherwise, the purpose of the exercise is defeated and it signals to employees that you actually don’t care much about their job satisfaction.


Issue Identification

Employee fulfillment surveys give workers the opportunity to anonymously voice concerns they may otherwise have avoided bringing up, due to fear of retribution or timidity. And they’re not only good for employees; they help management become aware of issues that they otherwise may have missed. This is because many people don’t feel comfortable speaking openly about how they feel about their roles, their managers, and even the company as a whole.


Employee Retention

High employee turnover costs money. For every employee you need to replace, you must go through the recruitment, interviews, training, and more. Furthermore, current employees already know the lay of the land, with experience and knowledge that is valuable to your company and takes time – and money – for new employees to acquire. Employee retention is a far more effective and financially sound strategy. Employee fulfillment surveys are important for employee retention because they provide insight into how the employees feel about their roles, managers, and your company, which allows you to make improvements that incentivize employees to stick with your organization rather than jump ship.


Career Development

Employee satisfaction surveys can help indicate gaps in employee training, and can even help you equip employees with the tools they need to advance within your organization. Surveys provide the opportunity for workers to share areas they feel uncomfortable, and can provide insight into what areas require more employee training. Giving adequate training can also help equip employees with the tools they will need to progress and develop professionally, meaning they are better prepared to step into higher-level roles.


Ultimately, employee satisfaction surveys don’t just help employees; they also help your business. An organization is only as good as its workforce. And if you understand what to improve to increase employee fulfillment you can ensure that your workforce – and your business – perform better.


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