Should You Integrate a Scheduling Program into Your Business

31047504_s.jpgCreating an effective employee schedule can sometimes seem like a daunting task. There are a number of factors that come into play to meet the needs of not only the company, but your employees as well. Using a pen and paper to create your schedules can lead to mistakes and become time consuming. To better utilize your work hours, consider using a scheduling program. Here are some reasons you should integrate a scheduling program into your business.

Fewer Mistakes

When it comes to pen and paper, your schedules and employee time-off request can get lost. For example, if someone jots down a note for you re: days they can’t work and it gets lost, that’s when scheduling errors occur. Pen and paper schedules can also mean employees forget what days and time they’re supposed to work, which causes an increase in absences.

With a scheduling program, scheduled information is available 24/7 for employees and managers. Forgetting if they have to work shouldn’t be a worry because all employees will have access to the schedule, all the time. If an employee wants to swap a shift, request vacation or a day off, all they have to do is make an electronic request. All scheduling details will be organized and easily assessable online.

Less Time Creating Schedules, More Time Being Productive

Creating a schedule is just one of the many tasks a manager is required to perform. With a scheduling program, you can free up management time, decrease scheduling issues and up your productively overall.

Employee Satisfaction Increases

Using a scheduling program forces managers to be fair. They don’t have to remember when each employee had more shifts the week before, they’ve got all the information right in front of them. Complete access to data and reports also ensures vacation time and fair pay are being taken care of. No longer will managers need to worry about employee availability or scheduling accuracy either, which means happier employees and increased retention.

Access to Valuable Data

Having a scheduling program gives you access to valuable data that can help you save money. It allows managers to make better staffing decisions based on what days are busy or slow. This automatically helps schedule shifts that fits the demands of your business.

If you’re still using pen and paper or excel to create your businesses employee schedules, start looking to integrate a scheduling program for your operations. Not only does it help increase productively, but you’ll see fewer mistakes, happier employees and a higher retention rate.