How Workforce Management Software Identifies Top Employees

man-1633667_640.jpgWho are your top employees? You probably have a short list in mind but is it accurate? Are you overlooking someone? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Identifying your best employees isn’t an easy task and too often, companies don’t realize who their best employees are until they’re walking out the door. To identify and keep your top employees, start using your workforce management software. 

By Tracking Their Progress

To ensure employees meet their full potential, you need to keep them engaged through projects and a workforce management system is the perfect way to track their progress. More than tracking though, workforce management software can help management identify top performers. Your best employees are those that not only tackle new projects but complete them and follow up on them regularly. Workforce management software allows employees to keep management updated on their progress, what worked and what hasn’t, which can later be used for employee reviews. The difference between average employees and excellent employees can easily be seen when comparing progress on projects. 

By Recording Training and Education

Top employees aren’t satisfied if they aren’t growing. Whether than means pursuing an additional degree or attending online webinars to learn more about their field, a passion for their work can be seen in their pursuit of knowledge. Workforce management software allows management to see the progress employees make by providing a timeline of employee education and training. This report not only helps managers identify suitable replacements during employee absences but also provides a fantastic way for managers to identify those employees who consistently strive to be the top of their field. 

By Consolidating Attendance

You can’t have a great employee who doesn’t show up for their shifts. The best employees are passionate about their job and committed to working when they are scheduled. They clock in to work on time, stay after when it’s necessary, and schedule time off to ensure they can relax knowing their job is prepared for an absence. By regularly reviewing your attendance using your workforce management software, it’s easy to separate top performers from those in the middle of the pack. With no tardies, few unplanned absences, and a flexible schedule that accommodates for workload, top employees make sure they report to their job as needed.

By Following Their Paper Trail

There’s more than just education and attendance that makes a great employee. Excellent employees also need to work well within the organization. Using a workforce management system makes it much easier to identify those employees who clash with their organization and those who go above and beyond to make the workplace a more enjoyable place to be by aggregating complaints, compliments, and interactions with other departments. Mining this data can help managers identify which employees truly mesh with the company culture and which don’t. 

Workforce management software does so much more than disseminate policies and help managers organize their workforce. It can help companies identify their best employees and ensure that they are challenged and supported throughout their career. These four uses of workforce management software are just a few that help managers and business owners identify the best and the brightest in their workforce.