How staff scheduling software can be an asset to the education industry

sebas-ribas-310260.jpgThough not often associated with schools, staff schedule software can be just as much of a benefit to the education industry as any other field. The staff, both teachers and administrators, work on nontraditional schedules, which can be difficult to juggle. From student help to part-time workers to vacation, there is a lot more to managing staff in the education industry than most people realize.

Managing Educators

Teachers and professors have a relatively regular schedule, but they are also guaranteed a certain amount of time for vacation and holidays. While they are away, the students still need to be taught. Staff scheduling software makes it easy for educators to post this information as soon as it is known. They can also update if they are sick or have an emergency that will keep them from work. The software can provide an alert so that schools and insinuations know that a member of the faculty will be out and that a substitute is required.

Administrative Staff

Offices tend to have more part-time and temporary positions, and that is where the real scheduling challenge occurs. You have to make sure that the office continues to run smoothly, but that can be difficult when you have a rotating staff schedule. Even student workers and volunteers need to have their time tracked, especially if they are getting credits for their work. Scheduling software makes it easy to work around specific hour requirements and available time for your office employees.

Cafeteria Workers

Most schools have a lunch room, commons area, or other place that serves food during the day, which means that cooks necessary for a few hours each day. With such a narrow number of hours, or in some cases where hours are divided into breakfast and lunch hours, it can be much harder to track employees’ schedules. Just as they can significantly simplify work at a restaurant, scheduling software can ensure that these irregular hours are quickly managed. This ensures that students will get the food they need without any the staff being short-handed.

Cleaning and Maintenance Staff

Like cooks, the janitors and maintenance staff will likely be working different hours. Cleaning is typically done either after students have left for the day, or before they arrive. Nearly every educational facility requires multiple cleaning staff to get everything cleaned up. Since students don’t tend to be the cleanest occupants in a facility, cleanup can take longer than expected, but not always. This means that you need staff who have slightly flexible ending hours. Software can make this a lot easier so that your cleaning staff can ensure that the facility is ready for the next day’s activities.


Not all schools have constant security, but most have security at least for a small period of time (even if it is after hours). Staff scheduling software can help track the time of security personnel so that the various hours can be more easily monitored. It can also help identify events or activities, or spikes over the year where more security is required.