How Online Employee Management Software Can Increase Productivity


45713338_s.jpgManaging employees is always a challenging, but online employee management can simplify a number of different areas, both for employees and management. Online employee management can include a wide range of features, such as employee self-service, reporting, payroll, and time and attendance. With such a wide range of functionality, you have the luxury of determining the right services for your business and needs; this means you have control over how to increase productivity based on the features you offer employees, managers, and HR.

Employee Self-Service

One of the biggest drains on HR’s time and greatest sources of frustration for employees is managing employee data. From the usual employee forms to requesting time off, the right employee management software lets employees make the changes they need to their information. By giving them the tools to update addresses after a move, adjust a W4 for taxes, or request time off, employees are empowered and motivated to do these things in a more timely fashion. When they can review their information, it can keep them from fretting over when it will happen or taking up time coordinating verification through HR.


For businesses that operate on a different time table, such as healthcare and stores, scheduling can be incredibly difficult. Online employee management offers a solution that gives you and management the ability to track and update information as employees call in sick or need additional assistance. Being able to update schedules from anywhere at any time can significantly improve productivity because it gives you more control over changes. You won’t have to remember one-offs and requests because you can take care of them as the requests are submitted.


When a business offers several different types of benefits based on various factors, such as hours worked, type of employment, and when benefits will start, you need a way of easily tracking and updating information. A robust system that allows this to be done online can make it easier to answer questions, make changes, and ensure that employees receive the benefits they have earned.

Additional Security

As there are many risks associated with working online, security is always much more closely scrutinized. The security measures taken to ensure that online data is secure tends to be much more robust because the dangers are more well-known, as well as people believing that being online makes it less safe. By believing information is secure on a network, this leads to a false sense of security and usually more lax security. Ultimately, online software is more likely to have better security testing and implementation because extra measures are taken to ensure data is more difficult to access. It is also more likely to be integrated with other information, so that all data is secured under the same umbrella. This can help to increase the productivity of IT personnel.

Integrating Different Areas

The biggest production boost found within this type of software is in its ability to seamlessly combine and compile data from numerous areas. This makes reporting not only easier, it helps manage employee data in a way that streamlines those different facets. From improving the analysis of employee performance to determining when to hire new employees, online employee management lets you review data when you have time. This can help you make decisions in a way that is more efficient and less hurried. It also lets you coordinate these kinds of decisions with others, regardless of where you are located.