Evaluating Workforce Management Solutions: Questions an HR Professional or CFO Should Ask

Evaluating Workforce Management Software | SynerionWhen considering new workforce management solutions, company CFOs, HR, and payroll managers are looking for a strong ROI – a solution that ramps up efficiency, cuts back on manual errors, helps with regulatory compliance and integrates well with existing systems.

Since every investment is tightly monitored in today’s competitive environment, they also need to know the solution provider is a name they can trust.

This is why businesses large and small have been coming to Synerion for more than 30 years. More than 5,000,000  users worldwide have discovered that our workforce management solutions are flexible and robust enough to handle any business need, with a clarity of design that makes their tools easy to use.

Before committing a new HR workforce management system, here are a few things any HR professional or CFO should ask.  

How Will it Engage with Employees and How Can We Use the Data Created?

Running their own reports, dealing with paper spreadsheets, dealing with manual input of data – there are many leeches on a manager’s time. A workforce management solution should automatically provide actionable data, distilling the most useful and urgent items from the massive data, highlighting the priority items.

To get your employees on side with your workforce management solution is also key to its success and ultimate ROI. With Synerion’s self-service module, workers can go through the same smartphone app, or web-based platform or on-site terminals, request time off, make changes to their profiles, view their timesheets, review their upcoming schedules and do much more. By empowering employees, they become more efficient and satisfied with their job.

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Can it Help in Achieving Regulatory Compliance?

HR and payroll departments must spend a lot of time and effort in complying with governmental, contractual, and legal obligations, including union agreements. Using manual data collection processes and lacking comprehensive, real-time attendance data, companies face the risks, and costs, of non-compliance.

Having a system that can automatically collect time-and-attendance data and feed it to supervisors, who can generate useful reports, helps circumvent this regulatory quagmire.                                                           

How Does the Solution Integrate with Our Existing Systems?

When evaluating workforce management solutions, CFOs, payroll and HR managers need to look at how well they will integrate with existing systems. Major integration problems can consume time and money, and cause long-lasting problems if fixes cannot easily be found.

Synerion’s workforce management software has a well-proven track record of integrating with, and importing data from, a wide range of major systems. These include Ceridian, ADP, Paychex, Oracle, Desjardins, National Bank, Microsoft, SAP, and many others. In fact Synerion has developed 7500 integrations to well over 100 different systems.

Having flexibility in deployment is also important. Unlike many others in the workforce management sector, Synerion offers both cloud (SaaS) and on-premise deployments – whatever best suits your needs. The support of Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform ensures the reliability and security of our cloud-based deployments.

To learn more about how Synerion can increase the efficiency of your operations, cut back on costly errors, and ensure regulatory compliance, contact us today.

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