Earth Friendly Employee Management Tools

42785259_s.jpgEarth Day is right around the corner and companies are looking for ways to show their communities that they are engaged in protecting the planet. The desire to be Earth-friendly does not need to be expensive or disruptive to your normal business process. Instead, there are a number of Earth friendly employee management tools that can help you reduce waste and improve processes at the same time. 

Automated Time Tracking Tools

Every year companies spend more than $7500 per employee managing paper. A large amount of that paper comes from tracking time clocks as well as forms for vacation time and medical leave. By contrast, modern automated time tracking tools make it possible to eliminate waste and greatly reduce the amount of paper you are using per employee. Instead, all time clock records will be maintained in digital form, making it easier to store and sort records long term. Employee portals allow individuals to log in and see their information without needing to print hard copies. 

Employee Scheduling Software

Another common area where companies see a high amount of waste is scheduling. Schedules can be printed and re-printed every time a last-minute change is made. Distributing copies of weekly schedules can drive up waste even further. Employee scheduling software drastically reduces the amount of printing you have to do every week. With the help of a mobile app, employees can stay up to date on all scheduling changes in real time. Once more, paper waste is eliminated from the process. 

The Next Step

It is difficult to completely eliminate paper waste throughout your organization. Even moving to automated time tracking and employee management software will not be enough to prevent all waste. Nevertheless, once you've taken these steps to reduce your paper usage, the next step is to install recycling bins throughout your facility and educate your employees about your Earth-friendly initiatives. This will help reduce any remaining paper waste within your facility. 

In addition, Synerion recently announced their partnership with Tree Canada, a non-profit organization working to plant more trees. Now when you purchase software through Synerion, you can have trees planted on behalf of your organization. 

Making the decision to be Earth conscious starts with evaluating your business for sources of waste. Manual employee management processes that often consume a lot of paper can usually be automated with the help of appropriate software. The money you spend on this software can be recouped by reducing your costs for managing paper and waste.  

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