Best Absence Management Software for Enterprise Business

sean-pollock-203658.jpgUnscheduled absenteeism costs companies approximately 3,600 dollars per year for each hourly worker and 2,650 dollars per year for individuals taking a fixed salary, reports presented by Investopedia suggest.

The annual cost of lost productivity due to absenteeism can be quite high. Companies lose 24.2 billion dollars per year due to the absence of professionals, 15.7 billion dollars when managers and executives are involved, 8.5 billion dollars in the case of service workers and 6.8 billion dollars when sales professionals are absent.

Overcoming chronic absenteeism necessitates serious measures. The selection of the right absence management software is one of them. What does it take to choose the right solution for an enterprise business? Here are a few of the characteristics to be looking for.

Automation and Better Tracking
Having better control over absence requests is important for enterprise businesses. A good software solution will enable both automation and better tracking.

When a good product is chosen, it will automate the absence request process for the purpose of easier processing and reduced administrative burden. The same applies to request for sick days.

Through such a platform, workers will be capable of inputting an absence request effortlessly. Managers will be warned about the new request, giving them a chance to quickly approve or reject depending on the specific needs of the organization.

Easy Integration with Other Systems
An absence management platform will rarely be used on its own. This is the main reason why the best solutions on the market enable seamless integration with other kinds of corporate software.

A good program should make it easy to export absence data and integrate this information with a payroll management system. As a result, all workers will get accurate payments and employee satisfaction will potentially increase.

Such an elimination of manual processes reduces the risk of human error and brings down the amount of time that will otherwise be required for the purpose of doing payroll calculations.

Detailed Data and Reports
Through the use of a system that gathers information and presents detailed reports, an enterprise can identify absenteeism trends and look for their causes. This way, productivity will increase and the cost of corporate activities will go down.

The right solution for a business should gather data about absence requests, the ones that get approval and the ones that are rejected. Such data should be easy to view, either in the form of a report for a specific period of time or a graph.

Based on such information, a company can introduce evidence-based changes for the purpose of boosting employee morale, reducing overpayments and eliminating some of the most common causes of absenteeism.

Guaranteed Compliance
An absence management system should enable a company to meet union and labour law compliance requirements.

Without the use of such a solution, enterprises are at a risk of allowing their workers to take either too little or too much time off. Such decisions aren’t in compliance with labour regulations, which could eventually lead to problems.

Thus, through the selection of such a system, a company will guarantee the rights of its workers without having to deal with gaps stemming from too many professionals taking a leave at the same time.

Looking at multiple solutions and comparing their characteristics once you’ve decided what your company needs will make it easier to select the absence management solution that offers everything you are looking for. Take some time to do research and compare features side by side. This way, you’ll find it a lot easier to ensure accurate tracking, effortless automation and scalability. 

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