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6 Ways Your Human Resources Department Can Cut Costs and Eliminate Expensive Mistakes

Posted by Team Synerion on Feb 21, 2013 9:19:00 AM



The human resources departments of any organization carry a wide range of crucial responsibilities. Expensive mistakes, due to the vast responsibility these departments have, can sometimes be made unintentionally; therefor leaving room for error which can affect the organization's bottom line. To help reduce these errors, we've outlined some of the commonly made mistakes by HR departments versus the benefits that an automated time and attendance system can offer.


1. Recognizing Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees

In order to be considered an exempt employee, there are qualifications that need to be met. Many employers make the common mistake of assuming that putting a worker on salary allows for easy tracking of break periods and overtime pay. Calculating such processes can be a hassle, whereas using a time and attendance system, it can ensure employees are accurately classified and calculate breaks and overtime pay properly. 


2. Absent Workers Being Fired

It is quite easy for an organization to find themselves in a lawsuit when it comes to the firing of employees. By violating leave laws, this can lead to your organization getting sued and/or legal fines and fees. Time and attendance software provides automated updates that help make the right decision by meeting the rules, regulations, and laws so you don't have to. 


3. Improper Tracking of Certification and Training

Workers who do not have the proper training and certification to conduct their daily work activities can hinder an organizations productivity and in some cases, it can violate industry regulations. Having a time and attendance system that allows the programming of this information, can alert you when these types of certifications and trainings are needed. 


4. Administration Errors

Payroll errors can result in costly expenses for any company or organization. Overpayment is the number one leading human error an organization can make. Luckily, with a time and attendance system in place, data can be imported directly into the system and called upon when needed. Further more, data is always accurate and will save money for your organization. 


5. Managing Employees, Time Tracking, and Absences

To successfully keep track of tardiness and absences, an organization must first rid of their manual processes that conduct these type of actions and consider a time and attendance software that allows for the flexibility of tracking problems when they occur. Having an automated time and attendance system to notify you of upcoming performance reviews, hearings and meetings is the first step to a more profitable and successful business. 


6. Poor Hiring Processes

When an organization makes the decision to hire someone for a specific job duty, they are ultimately trusting that productivity, and a high turnover will result in their decision making. Unfortunately in most cases, poor results of productivity and the decision to move forward with hasty hires can result in a loss. Keeping track of job openings, tracking applicants, and storing interview notes are all but a simple process for the right time and attendance system.


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