Why You Need A Workforce Management Solution


Organizations often overlook the importance of their most valuable asset – human resources. In order to effectively optimize organizational goals and maximize business performance, a Workforce Management Solution is needed.

Simply put, Workforce Management (WFM)encompass all the activities, processes and tools needed to manage a workforce. A comprehensive WFM solution includes planning, forecasting, scheduling, and tracking workers to optimize the balance of customer, employee, labour laws and organizational needs.

While this may seem complex and intricate, the solutions are very simple and user friendly for everyone in your organization to utilize. 

There are a variety of WFM solutions available that feature different aspects, including:

  • Time and Attendance – labour tracking, data collection through automated time clocks, and time tracking
  • Absence Planning - managed leaves, unmanaged leaves, productivity
  • Workforce Planning – long term forecasting, variance management
  • Scheduling – optimizing, short term forecasting, shift tracking

In addition to the varieties available, there are 7 primary benefits to utilize Workforce Management Solutions for your organization:

  1. Reduce payroll errors
  2. Reduce total payroll processing time
  3. Reduce unauthorized absences
  4. Improve labour reporting
  5. Reduce payroll inflation
  6. Eliminate costs associated with paper timecards
  7. Eliminate the risks if employee buddy punching or time fraud

Fortunately, you do not have to figure out what solutions make the most sense for your organization. The Synerion team makes a concentrated effort to understand your culture and business, and Workforce Management requirements. Synerion will then implement the solutions that will help you meet your organizational goals and maximize business performance.

Essentially, your organization needs Workforce Management Solutions. The solutions offer organizations a set of integrated tools for the measureable management of workforce performance, utilizing cutting edge technology and industry best practice.



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