5 Reasons Why Hiring Remote Workers Might be the Right Move for your Business

5 Reasons Why Hiring Remote Workers Might be the Right Move for your BusinessYou’re ready to hire a new employee, but before you start wiping down that old desk, consider whether a remote worker would be a better fit for your new position. For many workplaces, remote workers are taking over previously in-house jobs and performing more effectively. These are just five reasons why a remote worker may be a better fit for your next open position. 

No Office Space Needed

In many businesses, space is at a premium. Even if you don't need a corner office, fitting another desk in an otherwise crowded room can be a challenge. A remote worker means no space is required in your office. Some remote workers only spend a day or two per week in the office while others simply check-in from around the world. By hiring workers for remote work, you eliminate the need for office space expansions and added utilities. 

Widen Your Job Search

Few businesses have the luxury of picking their candidates from a robust pool of applicants. In many cases, your location limits the availability of candidates. By hiring a remote position, you can choose the best candidate from anywhere in the world. Whether they live a state away or a country away, remote workers simply need a reliable internet connection and a laptop to be an employee. Choosing to advertise a remote position allows you to interview and hire candidates from anywhere in the world. 

Attract Top Talent

Remote work is an incredibly appealing perk for many employees. The ability to work from home or on the road opens up a lifestyle that many people dream of but few can attain. By offering a remote position, you don’t just gain global candidates, you gain talented global candidates whose expertise and experience can more fully meet your company’s needs. Remote work allows more freedom and a better work-life balance that the best candidates are seeking. By offering a remote position, you can gain experienced job candidates. 

Keep That Talent

Improving employee attrition is a top priority of smart businesses. Employee turnover can cost businesses thousands of dollars for even low paying positions so getting top talent and keeping it is a major concern. Remote work is one way that today’s businesses are keeping their employees. In fact, 95% of employers cite remote work as a way they reduce attrition. Remote workers are simply happier because they aren't forced to commute and they can mold their hours to fit their lives. If you are worried about employee attrition, hiring or converting positions to remote positions is one way to keep your best employees engaged. 

Increase Productivity

Most employers don’t think of their most productive workers as the ones who are rarely in the office but surprisingly, remote workers are often more productive than in-house employees. A study performed at the Chinese travel website Ctrip found that staff who chose to work remotely were 1/3 more productive than their office-dwelling counterparts. Remote employees cited a more serene and less distracting work environment as the reason for their improved productivity. In addition, flexible scheduling and at-home work stations allow workers to attend to their work more frequently. This means better communication with remote workers and better customer service. 

For many companies and positions, remote work may offer a simple and low-cost way to do more with less. While there are potential downsides when employees aren’t strictly in the office, training managers and establishing guidelines for measuring remote workers’ productivity can prevent many of the concerns with remote work. Next time you’re ready to hire, consider hiring a remote worker. 

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