Write a Better Job Posting to Attract Better Candidates

Write a better job posting for better candiatesWhile financial journals still boast about the economy being an employer's market, many employers are still running into the familiar trouble of not being about to find the right candidate for their posting. The candidates are out there, but the wrong job posting ensures they are either lost in an avalanche of resumes or don't apply because of the wrong ad. Use these tips to write a better job posting and get the quality candidates your business needs. 

Cut the Fluff

There should be a huge difference between your job description and your advertisement, but many companies don't differentiate between the two. Instead, they post a long and dry list of duties that encompass the entire position but don't draw in the quality candidates they want. Making sure candidates understand the job duties is an important part of the interview process, but when you're trying to attract candidates, that long list causes eyes to glaze over and interest to wane. 

When writing a job description, you need to write as if you're trying to attract a new customer. Wow potential candidates with the overarching projects and responsibilities they'll get to experience. Make your job posting hit the high notes of the job without getting bogged down in the minutia to attract better candidates. 

Differentiate Requirements from Desired Qualifications

In the rush to find the "perfect candidate," you may be excluding them with stringent job requirements that aren't actually all that required. Creating the right job posting is a little like creating the perfect dating profile. You want to attract the right kind of candidates but still don't want to rule out suitors based on preferences. The right candidate may only have three years in the field and by requiring five years’ experience, you'll never get to meet them. 

Go through your current requirements for the position and ask yourself, "Is this really required?" If a great candidate walked through your doors, which qualifications would you be willing to drop? You can always include preferences to help with the hiring process, but don't discard strong candidates because of overzealous requirements. 

Minimize Bad Fits With Automation

Despite writing a compelling and well-thought out job posting, there will inevitably be candidates who don't meet even the most basic job requirements. Whether it's over-eager job seekers or a shotgun approach to landing a job, wasting time with these resumes can take serious manpower. Incorporating a questionnaire portion of the resume process can immediately weed out these bad fits and save serious man-hours. 

Think of three to seven questions that address specific needs within your organization for the posted position. If the job requires certification, ask applicants to enter their certification number. If working weekends or holidays is required for the job, ensure that responsibility is clear and candidates are able to meet it. Create a filter or scan these questions first before delving into the resume. This can save you from falling in love with a candidate only to find they don't have the skills you need. 

The right candidates are out there, and it's your job to create a job posting that finds them. Don't follow the pack in making a sterile and impersonal job posting. Attract the best in the field by reassessing what you need, how you present it and how to remove improper candidates in seconds. Use these tricks to write a compelling job posting for your next position. 

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