Why Mobile Workforce Software Solutions are so Popular

41393405_s.jpgMobile workforce software solutions have become extremely popular in recent years. Their flexibility, adaptation to how people access the cloud, and ability to keep diverse schedules in line have allowed this type of solution to flourish. More business owners and managers than ever are using software-based solutions on mobile platforms to help their workforces operate with a great deal of additional efficiency.

Keeping Schedules Aligned

When you have a staff on the road and at multiple fixed locations, it can be challenging to keep schedules aligned. This works on both the micro level, where time zones can interfere with effective management, and over the macro level of employees having days off and excused absence conflicts. In both the micro and macro cases, keeping track of everyone's schedules used to be extremely challenging and required additional support workers just for the purpose. With mobile workforce software, as a manager you can keep different time zones aligned to your own, and monitor both times and days of expected work from anywhere in the world regardless of where you are. The workforce is more global now than ever before, both with traditional employees and self-employed independent contractors. Software is able to keep everyone's schedules properly fixed instantaneously.

Selective Access

Cloud-based solutions are well known for allowing each user to have precisely the amount of access they require. Management can determine who has time off coming, who has it required, and then adjust everything so that the schedule works as much as possible. Keeping a large number of adults deployed effectively can be challenging, but with software you can be reminded of the many competing needs that all need to be fulfilled in order to keep the schedule and your business working as they are supposed to.

Ease of Payroll Tracking

Once you have your schedules set and aligned for everyone in your different locations, as well as around the world, those workers are going to expect to be paid. Payroll for numerous schedules for a large number of workers used to be the sole demesne of large companies with offices around the world. Using a cloud-based software solution, you do not need to rely on massive companies or their red tape. Payroll can be tracked easily with software with the same amount of ease as you can track your inventory, notes receivable and paid, supplies in stock or your level of occupancy. From there, payments become far easier, not to mention more cost-effective, than dealing with a large company.

Compatibility With Employee Usage Trends

Now more than ever, employees are not sitting at computers. In many cases, road warriors are only lugging around laptops if they have presentations to give or if they are writing significant reports. But everyone is carrying their phones, and they will not leave the hotel room without them. Phones are what employees are using, so managers have to work with this. Being able to log employee time spent doing work with their phones, as well as being able to check in on their progress regardless of where they are in the world, is a major advantage for cloud and software-based solutions.


The centralized nature of traditional businesses has led to issues relating to communication across large areas. With software-based solutions, particular when they are mobile-enabled, decentralization makes the process of keeping track of your workforce much simpler. This simplicity means you can focus on making larger decisions in your business, actually running your business instead of messing with details on the back end, and lets your employees do their best work instead of being micro-managed.