Unique Benefits of Synerion's Time & Attendance Software

43591069_s.jpgThe digital sphere has changed the way companies think about strategic management. Deloitte, one of the highest-ranking companies to work for, predicted a 2016 that would revolutionize employment through digital technology, and the year proved them right.

Your human talent is among the most valuable assets you own, and the corporate world is, at last, realizing it needs to be managed as well as any other investment. The age of big data has made it possible to run analytics on everything from attendance to payroll and staff absences. Not all tools are created equal, though. Time and attendance software must automate every aspect of your workforce control. It must track your scheduling, control your labour, and replace antiquated time clocking systems. These are all core ways to manage staff while simultaneously generating data to inform your analytics.

HR software is a flourishing market worth a startling $14 billion. It hasn’t placed enough focus on team-centric management tools until now, but Synerion has pushed digital HR into a brave new era. This software puts your scheduling details, attendance data, and labor costs at your fingertips. Staff clock in with their own mobile devices and can request time off through a formal digital tracking suite. Automation frees talent managers’ valuable hours so that they can focus on the human side of HR.

Time and attendance software has shifted beyond automation into integrated HR management. A cohesive approach that includes all human asset applications, even those that are tangential, gives analytics tools their power.

The Synerion Difference

Synerion is used by brand titans across the world, including Samsung and Bosch. It’s gained such an impressive following because of the sheer range of business intelligence it tracks, which includes:

  • Staff schedules and timecards
  • Absence approvals and balances
  • Performance analytics and task management
  • Labor costs
  • Unnecessary payroll expenses
  • Performance trends.

The system is scalable. A modular design lets your HR software grow with your business, and two separate programs carry you smoothly across the threshold when your company becomes large enough for Synerion Enterprise Workforce software. Support is global and supported by Windows 8, iOS, and android.

Data-Driven Decisions

There’s a reason that analytics tools are being adopted on such a large scale. They automate your business activities and generate information in seconds so that you don’t have to throw valuable hours into crunching numbers. You can now strategize your talent management according to facts instead of estimates. Problems your HR department may not have noticed emerge through Synerion’s alert tools. Think of this software as your own personal workaholic human resources assistant, one who is always on the ball and covers your bases.

Intuitive, Functional, Fluid

Synerion consistently finds its way onto the top of product reviews for its budget-friendliness, ease of use, and the quality of its global support. No time and attendance software is worth much if it has a clunky interface that requires you to train staff to use it. This is intuitive functionality at its most accurate.


Integration has overtaken automation in terms of importance, but it hasn’t eliminated the need for it. Synerion can manage thousands of employees at multiple locations, automating pay periods, rate increases, and payroll. Reporting features even export your data to Excel, which links you to an entire industry of add-on applications to enhance your analytics for the benefit of departments beyond talent management.

Digital HR is driven by increasingly accurate behavioral economics that, in turn, drive ever more sophisticated management strategies. Human resources is no longer a ‘soft’ industry controlled by ‘soft data’, and the potential return on investment is staggering.

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