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5 Payroll Problems You May be Overlooking

Posted by Team Synerion on February 2016

5 payroll problems you may be overlookingPayroll pros know the danger of their profession. One wrong decimal point and you could be staring down the barrel of legal fines and litigation. Yet even the most careful payroll professionals can overlook some simple problems that cost your business money and productivity. Open the books and find out whether your payroll is being affected by these easy-to-miss problems.

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Four Common Payroll Compliance Mistakes

Posted by Team Synerion on January 2016

Are you in compliance with your payroll? While nearly all companies would respond with a resounding "Yes!" a closer look at their payroll often finds various errors. A misclassified employee here, missing paperwork there – you may be looking at costly errors in the form of fines and litigation. Even if you're sure your payroll practices are up to snuff, it could still be worth you time to investigate whether you are committing these four common payroll compliance mistakes. 

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How to Handle Accidentally Over or Underpaying an Employee

Posted by Team Synerion on December 2015

It's every business person's worst nightmare. Payroll passes and you realize an employee didn't receive their fair pay. Whether you've overpaid or underpaid an employee, coming to a quick and satisfactory resolution is essential. Follow these simple steps to resolve an erroneous payroll discrepancy fast. 

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7 Common Questions About Pay Practices Answered

Posted by Team Synerion on November 2015
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4 Tips for Preventing Payroll Fraud

Posted by Team Synerion on October 2015
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