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How to Identify Strong Talent in an Interview

Posted by Team Synerion on June 2017

Identifying top talent is far from an easy task. DHI Group statistics suggest that according to 45 percent of employers, the amount of time needed to fill open positions has increased since 2014. Turnover is also on the rise with 43 percent of employers acknowledging that it’s increasing. With higher competition between companies, identifying and attracting top talent has become more crucial than ever.

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Interview Questions that Can Help You Hire Better Employees

Posted by Team Synerion on December 2015

We've all been in an unproductive interview where the standard "What's your biggest weakness?" and "How do you deal with conflict?" are asked. The interviewee recites a canned response and both of you walk away not learning much more about each other than you knew before the interview. Make interviews a more revealing process by tossing out those standard questions and using these six questions that can help you hire better employees

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How to Get More Value From Exit Interviews

Posted by Team Synerion on September 2015

No matter how engaged your workers are, there are times where employees find new opportunities. Whether it's switching careers, leaving the workforce altogether, or working for a competitor, those employees have valuable insight into your company, if you let them speak it. Exit interviews provide candid insight into the inner workings of your business that can benefit the workplace they leave behind. Use these five tips to get more value from your exit interviews and better your workplace in the process. 

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