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How Does a Fingerprint Time Clock System Work?

Posted by Team Synerion on May 2017

Time theft costs US companies approximately 400 billion dollars per year, research suggests. Employees are guilty of arriving late and leaving early, as well as of engaging in distracted behavior during work hours.

The good news is that new technologies are making it possible for companies to prevent such losses. A fingerprint time clock system, for example, relies on biometric data to reduce issues like buddy punching and time theft. Here’s how it works.

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How to Use a Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Posted by Team Synerion on December 2015

Biometric fingerprint scanners not only offer businesses accurate time keeping, but also added security. For healthcare, government services, and a variety of other industries, this double duty scanner is an attractive option to pair with workforce management or timekeeping systems. Learn more about how to use and implement biometric fingerprint scanners in your workplace. 

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Do I Really Need an Automated Fingerprint Identification System?

Posted by Team Synerion on July 2015

An automated fingerprint identification system has been touted as the future of business and a secure way to ensure employee attendance and company data – but does your business really need one? Before dismissing the idea of an automated fingerprint identification system, consider these reasons on why you need, or don't need, one implemented in your workplace. 

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