The Latest HR Technologies You Need to Embrace


HR, at first glance, might not seem like a field with many new emerging technologies . But with the increasing recognition of the critical role HR has to play in recruiting, talent management and all sorts of other HR challenges, new technologies are allowing HR professionals to be more effective at their jobs than ever before. Read our list of disruptive and transformative HR technologies you need to embrace.

Mobile first platforms

The landscape of computing has been transformed in the past decade. For example, for every PC there are 4 mobile devices in the world today. People are relying on their mobile devices more and more for their computing needs, which is having a serious impact on recruiting. On Linkedin, 50% of candidates use their phones to search for jobs. This is just the tip of iceberg, as HR departments seek to make their software as accessible and well-suited to their employees needs as possible, meaning mobile first development will only grow.

Tools for using big data and talent

Using analytics to assess talent is one of the most exciting new developments in HR. More companies are investing in workforce analytics software and vendors like Workday and SuccessFactors are lining up to craft their software to this growing demand. But this field is in its infancy and everyone is still thinking about how they can use all of the data they collect from staff to their advantage. The importance of data in talent management will only grow over time.

Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

The growth of businesses that provide low-cost educational opportunities like Coursera and iversity is having a real impact on corporate training and development. Instead of having to send people to expensive institutions, you can now access MBA level courses from places like Rice online from Coursera at a low price. Google also has a huge variety of educational offerings available for now costs. This will make high level workplace education more accessible than ever before.

Social and Video: the new medium and the message

Video is being used more and more and not just for marketing. In HR, there’s video interviewing, video assessment and even employee communications. Video is the new text and you need to start using it in your role in HR. And as video is becoming the main way we communicate, social is becoming the best way to get your message out there. In addition to social's importance in recruiting and training, HR software is increasingly being created with social tools available and if you are investing in a new HR software this is one feature you shouldn’t pass up.