The Importance of Properly Tracking Employee Hours

19473610_s.jpgWhen it comes to tracking hours, employers want a method that is going to be accurate and is easy to follow through with. While tracking time seems like a simple thing to keep track of, it is often something that isn’t followed. It helps keep track of payroll as well as time off and vacation. A mistake in tracking hours can have an impact on your employees pay check, and it can also affect the business. It is vital to keep your employees satisfied to help keep their productivity up.

Why It’s Important

Tracking working hours are important, when it comes time for payroll it ensures the employees are being paid properly. It will also help manage time off and vacations. An error in this can be bad for employees and employers. The best way to ensure that your employees are properly tracking their time is to communicate the benefit to them. Make sure your team understands how they gain from properly tracking their time and how it benefits the company. Good communication to your team can help increase productivity and ensure that everyone is doing their part to follow the rules.

Employees Treated Equally

An annoyance that is often brought up while working is when employees don’t get treated equal. Some get more hours than others, or end up taking longer lunch breaks, or get better shifts over and over again. This isn’t always done on purpose; it can be a mistake that is overlooked. When hours are tracked properly it is easier for managers to see these things and correct them. Accurately, recording time can ensure that each employee gets paid for the time they arrive and when they leave. It can also help prevent people from trying to cheat the system.

If some employees are getting away with longer lunch breaks and not properly tracking their hours, the ones that are won’t be very happy. An unfair work environment can cause tension among employees, causing the ones that are following the rules to feel like they aren’t valued. Employees that feel like they are treated unfairly are more likely to up and leave the company. Employee retention is important for a running a smooth business.

Employee Satisfaction

Properly tracking hours can help keep your employees satisfied. It helps ensure they are getting the proper hours and that you aren’t forcing them to be working overtime week after week. That can wear a person down in the long run. Employees are more enthusiastic to work when they feel like they are being heard and treated fairly. An overworked employee is more likely to be stress and unhappy. This can lead to them leaving the company. An accurate time tracking system can alert you to excessive use of overtime and help prevent your employees from getting burned out.

There are many reason properly tracking employee hours is important when running a business. It keeps you from under paying and over paying employees, while also saving you from time having to correct errors. Employees are happier when they are being treated fairly and not being forced to work overtime week after week.

Keeping employees accountable for the hours they work by punching in when they are working and out when they are leaving can help ensure that no one is trying to cheat the system and get paid for hours they aren’t working. As an employer it is your job to make sure that everyone knows what is expected of them and how it needs to be done. Keeping an open line of communication is important when keeping employees satisfied. 

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