Six Ideas for a Fun Staff Event

photodune-1365812-working-team-celebrating-xs_2.jpgKeeping morale high and employees engaged takes more than just a morning pep talk. Fostering a workplace that feels like a community takes a commitment on upper managements' part and a little bit of fun. If you want to reward employees for a great fiscal year or simply get everyone together outside the office, consider these six ideas for a fun staff event.

Grab Seats to a Local Game

You don’t need to take your team to the Super Bowl or even an NBA game to have a great time. Getting everyone together to see a local team play is not only a great way to increase office camaraderie but also support your local community team. Invite the family and pay for the hot dogs because a night out to see a local team is a fun staff event everyone will enjoy. 

Rent Out Your Local Mini Golf Course

Who doesn’t like a game of putt putt? Whether employees are members of the local country club or have never held a club in their life, an evening at the local mini golf course can be just the event employees need to unwind. Set up your groups tournament-style and get everyone’s competitive juices flowing with some great prizes. Then, help everyone cool down with an ice cream social. 

Hold a Field Day

If you want an event that engages employees’ competitive spirit and brings them back to their childhood, a field day is a great way to get employees excited about a day outside the office. Split the office into teams for a color war or simply have a host of activities, from races to pie eating contests. Make the activities varied, pitting brains against brawn. With something for everyone, employees can be transported back to their childhood, if only for an afternoon. 

Karaoke and Wings

While a night at the bar may not be family-friendly, it is a great way to help employees unwind and relax with their co-workers. Even tone-deaf co-workers can enjoy a drink and a meal while more outgoing employees belt out their favorite tunes. This fun staff event is low-cost, high-fun, and available in nearly every city, big and small. 

Get Artsy with a Painting Class

If you’re looking for something more upscale and artistic, a painting class is a great way to engage employees after work hours. Find a studio that offers private classes and supply the wine so employees can enjoy a night of paint and wine pairings. Keep the subject matter simple so that even non-artistic employees can go home with something they'll be proud to display. 

Start a Scavenger Hunt

If you’re planning a staff event for a beautiful day, a scavenger hunt allows your employees to enjoy fresh air and have fun on a small budget. Organize employees into teams and let them explore their city with a handy checklist in tow. Come up with your own scavenger hunt or use an app, such as Stray Boots. Be sure to leave time to show the fun and funny pictures taken during the hunt! 

There’s no limit to the creativity of a staff day. So long as everyone can participate and have fun, the sky’s the limit. Use these ideas as a starting block for your own staff event ideas or implement a few to get the ball rolling. Whatever you do keep it local and fun to get maximum staff involvement. 

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